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evey in orbit

where she belongs

1 April 1982
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If you want to know me all you have to do is show me what you don't want me to see.

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3am, 70's films, aaron sorkin's west wing, accents, altered books, andrew bird, anime porn, anne lamott, annie hall, artofthemix, asbury park, atc's, atmosphere, audrey kawasaki, bad mamma jamma, baking, basquiat, beatnik, being bisexual yet monogamous, belle & sebastian, booga booga, budha belly, butterism, by evey, cheap wine, cheese & pickle sandwiches, chives, clean sheets, coney island, cooking but not cleaning, covert operations, curiosity, cutting my own hair, debate, decay, diners, dip, dumpster diving, eartha kitt, eating cake batter, enid, entertaining, flinging her panties, found objects, free magazine subscriptions, glue, hardwood floors, having my hair pulled, her kermit laugh, her space holiday, high art, hip hop cover songs, holy brass knuckles, huckabee, humanity, ice cream topics, infomercials, journaling, juno, juxtapoz, keef, keeping my secrets bitch!, kiefer sutherland, kissing, knitting, la femme nikita, letters, lo mein, lords of dogtown, m.i.a., mailart, mark ryden, metric, mix cds, moving on, mr. bean, my harmonica, nervousness.org, newmindspace.com, nod in response, noodles, nylon, old buildings, one bowl stronger, open space, orisinal, outsider art, owls, pablo neruda, packages, pancakes, paper bags, passion, photography, podunk, poetic terrorism, polaroids, polka dots, postcardx, project runway, psychobabble, puppy dog face, putt-putt, readymade, red shoes, regina spektor, robots, rock n roll nigger, roommates, satire, self portraits, sharpies, sketching, sleeping in her hair, sleeping on my stomach, small books, small handwriting, smoke, space between my toes, spain, squid and the whale, steven wright, supermac, target, tattoos, the rolling stones, the subway, the word spread, the yaffa, thrifting, tiny objects, toast, toy cameras, turtle soup, unexpected eroticness, union square park, used books, van morrison, voyeurism, water towers, wes anderson, whispers, william hurt, william s burroughs, woody allen, wprb, writing on walls, ying yang twins, zen bullshit, zines